Breaking!!! Blanck Magazine launches a special issue to commemorate the 2021 International Women’s Day Celebration.

In this special issue of Blanck Magazine, the Editor-In-Chief Franka Chiedu explores the notable superpowers women possess in an interview feature with five inspiring young women– Torera George, Cynthia Tabe, Folu Storms, Ayola Bakare and Amanda Akokhia. Women who over the years have shown resilience, tenacity and prolificity in their individual endeavours as they Turn their dreams into realities. These micro-influencers with real converting influencer power are subject matter experts who continue to use their platforms to inspire and build stronger relationships within their communities.

“The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebration runs along the lines of “Choosing To Challenge”. These three words illustrate the need to exercise courage in dismantling old patriarchal systems, to support the next woman as she speaks up against inequality in whatever form it appears, to help create inclusive environments where women do not have to explain their existence or struggle for validation, to question stereotypes that still linger in today’s world, and to hold nothing back in fighting for change.” Jerry Chiemeke writes in an IWD special feature themed Women, the Bedrocks of Society.

This Lite version of Blanck as usual is a short, sharp and sweet editorial that leaves the buds watering and asking for more. Follow link below to read full issue. To enjoy your read, turn your mobile device to Landscape mode.

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