Breaking!!! Nigerian-Sierra Leonean Music Maven Di’Ja Covers The Latest Issue of BLANCK MAGAZINE

The irrepressible music maven, wife, mother and all round fabulous Di’ja shares with us her larger-than-life goals and raw determination to dominate the music industry as she features in two editorial covers Blanck Magazine’s latest and first issue of 2021.

Not your average female musical artist, she is a cut above the rest-Sensible, unconventional, chilled out and deliciously charming. Di’ja has over the years proven herself to be the one-woman squad, the voice of reason and the force that seeks to redefine what a respectable female artist should be. A beauty with loads of brain, she bellies a desire for change and a hunger to set a new template for the African music industry, her country Nigeria, and the world at large.


Blanck Magazine Editor-in-Chief Franka Chiedu (@Fasindi) caught up with the super star and explored conversations around her latest 6 track- EP themed ‘ Aphropop’, the place of women in music, finding her voice, her ongoing fight for human rights, the #endsars protests, motherhood, mental health and more.

This Lite issue of Blanck magazine is bursting with sharp, sweet, and exciting contents. To get the best of this new digital issue available in the link below, click on cover page below,  turn your device to landscape mode and enjoy your read.

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Feature/ Editorial Credits

Words by Franka Asindi Chiedu (@fasindi),Photographer: @i_amxela, Hair: @tayocuts, Makeup: @jmsignature, Stylist: kachmeifyoucan, Designer: @weizdhurmfranklyn, Cover star : @aphrodija

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