Yara Shahidi is Blanck’s Ultimate Muse

Yara Shahidi is undoubtedly one of the mostly stylish, passionate, prolific, political and socially conscious members of the Z generation with an appeal that is more about substance than style.

Since gaining prominence playing Zoey, the eldest daughter on the series Black-ish, as well as its spin-off, Grown-ish she  has displayed a relatable charm that’s drawn the attention of and won the hearts and minds of both young and old.

Dubbed the Voice of her generation by Vogue in a 2018 interview, Yara has true to form always used her platform to push conversations and narratives that seek to advance the course of social justice and fairness for all. On how she has been able to achieve this status- she noted in an  Elle magazine July 2020 interview  that

“This idea of consistently being of service to the world around you is a dialogue that we were raised with, starting with grandparents on both sides of my family and then into the conversations in our household. I’m beyond grateful that our house has been consistently a place of conversation and a place of action since I was young.”

Yara who only turned 21 this February does not only standout due to her push for change, but she also has a fashion sense that is wow-worthy and her adventurous efforts to styling her full bouncy mane leaves us greening with jealousy.

In her 2017 feature with Vogue, she talked about her personal style evolution, crediting a lot of her growth to having access and also to a great stylist like Jason Bolden who still happens to be her stylist to date.


“I cannot deny that access has been a major part of my style evolution. I know [it’s] something everyone goes through, once you have access to certain things you didn’t before, you will dress differently. On a personal level, I think dressing is such a form of expression and when you do events, it’s important to feel as though you are authentically yourself. Maintaining a sense of your personality grounds you in your space, I try and just make what I wear a reflection of how I feel at that moment, at that particular place in time. I have a great stylist, Jason Bolden, and that definitely helps.” she says.

Beyond all of these, Yara Shahidi is one of Hollywood’s most promising stars and refreshingly Blanck’s ultimate muse this week.

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